See How TMJ Treatment in Glen Ellyn Can Ease Your Pain

If you’re experiencing jaw pain, the problem could be your temporomandibular joints (TMJ), which connect your jaw to your skull. TMJ disorder is caused when your jaw joints become dislocated, inflamed, or otherwise stressed. Dental issues like chronic teeth grinding or a misaligned bite are often contributing factors.

Glen Ellyn, IL dentist Dr. John Workman offers TMJ treatments to soothe your aching jaw and return your normal oral function. You’ll also get relief from painful conditions associated with TMJ, like chronic headaches and earaches. Our treatments typically involve:

  • No surgery
  • No pills
  • No shots
  • No adverse reactions

Dr. Workman has successfully treated TMJ disorders for three decades. He can even use special software to show you how your bite can contribute to jaw pain!

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Get Treatment From an Expert

Though it’s not uncommon for dentists to treat TMJ disorder, many do not have much training or hands-on experience with it. Dr. Workman has 30 years of experience in this area and even studied under Dr. Henry Tanner, a pioneer of TMJ treatment who has an oral appliance named after him. And as a visiting faculty member at the Pankey Institute, Dr. Workman taught other dentists about TMJ and related bite problems.
Dr. Workman on TMJ and teeth grinding Read Transcript

As with any procedure in our office, Dr. Workman uses the latest technology like digital X-rays to diagnose TMJ disorders. Two treatment methods are:

  • A custom nightguard to prevent you from clenching your jaw and grinding your teeth, two common causes of TMJ disorders. Since you use some of the most powerful muscles in the human body when you clench and grind, you put tremendous pressure on your jaw and often cause dental damage. The nightguard comfortably keeps you from these harmful habits.
  • Occlusal equilibration. Dr. Workman reshapes your teeth to better align your bite and ensure healthy contact between your upper and lower teeth. He may simply shave off a tiny bit of your teeth in a process similar to filing a fingernail, or he may use orthodontics or restorations like dental crowns to improve your bite. You’ll likely notice your bite feels more solid, and you’ll be able to chew more easily than before.

You’ll understand exactly what’s happening with your TMJ because Dr. Workman can use BiteFX software to show you how your bite can affect your jaw.

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