Stay Relaxed With Sedation Options in Glen Ellyn

Glen Ellyn, IL dentist Dr. John C. Workman uses the latest technology to keep your procedures as pain-free and hassle-free as possible. Despite this, you may still have dental anxiety or even full-blown fear. If you do, sedation options can keep you relaxed so you can get the dental treatments you need.

Sedation options can also help you:

  • Eliminate a gag reflex
  • Easily undergo complicated or lengthy dental treatments
  • Get multiple procedures in a single visit
  • Respond better to anesthesia

Every person reacts differently to sedation, and every procedure is different. While many dentists offer only a single form of sedation, you can choose from two types in our office. We’ve provided information on both to help you decide which may be best for you.

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Choose From Two Types of Dental Sedation

Oral conscious sedation is given in the form of a pill. You’ll start your appointment relaxed and stay that way throughout the procedure. You’ll need to arrange a ride home because you’ll be groggy afterward. Benefits of oral sedation include:

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  • No needles are involved.
  • Since you’re already relaxed when we start treatment, you won’t need to wait for the sedative to take effect.
  • You’ll feel relaxed but remain aware, so you’ll be able to respond to questions or instructions.
  • We use medications regulated by the FDA that present little risk of side effects.

IV sedation is administered intravenously. It provides a deeper level of relaxation, and you likely won’t remember anything about your procedure when it’s over. Other benefits include:

  • IV sedation takes effect faster than oral sedation, as it goes directly into your bloodstream.
  • Because your body rapidly metabolizes this kind of sedation, it wears off more quickly and leaves you less groggy than an oral sedative.
  • We can modify the dosage during your treatment to provide more or less sedation.

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