Relieve Dental Anxiety in Glen Ellyn With No-Fear Dental Care

Despite our best efforts, not everyone likes going to the dentist. In fact, some people are downright anxious about it. If that describes you, Dr. John C. Workman and our Glen Ellyn, IL dental team want to help you overcome your dental anxiety so you can:
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  • Get regular dental exams and other care that keeps your mouth healthy
  • Treat dental problems in their earliest stages so they are less complicated and costly to fix
  • Correct features of your smile you aren’t happy with

Your anxiety will fade away, thanks to our caring and nonjudgmental staff, patient-friendly technology, and amenities like blankets and headphones. If you’re still nervous about dental procedures, you can get sedation!

For an anxiety-free experience at the dentist, call 630-448-8418.

Our Amenities & Individualized Care Will Relax You

Our staff customizes your care to give you the highest level of dental health you desire. Similarly, we’ll create a custom experience to ease your anxiety using amenities like:

  • Cozy blankets
  • Pillows
  • Headphones so you can enjoy music while we work
  • Longer appointment times so we can take it slow

While you’re in our Glen Ellyn, IL office, you can enjoy bottled water, tea, or coffee. And catch up on work or entertain yourself with YouTube or other online diversions, thanks to our free Wi-Fi access.

Patient-Friendly Technology & Sedation Take Anxiety Out of Treatment

Our patient-friendly technology minimizes discomfort as well as sensations and sounds that some people find unpleasant. Our technology includes:

  • STA Single Tooth Anesthesia System® that helps us administer anesthesia more effectively and maintain the optimal amount of anesthesia throughout procedures
  • Digital X-rays that don’t require us to put bulky paper in your mouth while we take images
  • Intraoral cameras that help us look into hard-to-reach areas of your mouth with less poking and prodding
  • Hard-tissue laser that uses a laser and water instead of a drill for many dental procedures

If you’re still nervous, you can get dental sedation. Unlike many dentists, we offer two different types.

Ready to ditch your dental anxiety? Call 630-448-8418 or use our online form. Our Glen Ellyn, IL dentist office is located near Village Links of Glen Ellyn.

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