Multiple Payment Methods From Your Glen Ellyn Dentist

At John C. Workman, DDS Dental Artistry, your dental procedures are painless – and paying for our services will be too! In addition to accepting cash, check, and major credit cards, we can work with you to secure payment through insurance plans or health care financing plans.

If you’re a senior citizen (65 and older), you’ll receive 5 percent discount on our services when you pay by cash or check.

With multiple payment options, you’re sure to find a method that is best for your situation and needs. For more information, call our Glen Ellyn, IL dentist office at 630-448-8418.

Maximize Your Insurance Benefits

Our team will help you receive a “direct assignment of benefits” from your insurance provider, which lessens the likelihood of benefits being denied in addition to making it easier to process claims more efficiently. We will complete your dental insurance claim form and file it electronically with your insurance carrier. With direct assignment of benefits, you’ll get a reimbursement check directly from your insurance provider, often as quickly as within two weeks of your treatment.

Our practice files all kinds of insurance, but Dr. Workman is not a “preferred provider” for any insurance company. Dr. Workman is not willing to use cheaper materials and dental labs to bring costs in line with what insurance companies will pay their preferred providers. We offer the highest-quality dental care while keeping our fees reasonable.

Get Convenient Value With Finance Plans

If you’d prefer to pay for your dental care through a plan that lets you pay in installments, we work closely with providers of two of the most popular:

Both CareCredit and LendingClub have no-interest payment plans, among other offerings. In some cases, you can use the plan along with your insurance for co-pays and deductibles.

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