Embrace General Dentistry in Glen Ellyn for a Healthy Mouth

Our goal at John C. Workman, DDS Dental Artistry is to help you attain the highest level of dental health you desire. That starts with offering lots of general dentistry services that aim to keep your teeth and mouth healthy with preventive care. Our routine services include:

  • Dental exams to evaluate your dental health and discuss your dental goals with you
  • Dental cleanings to remove the plaque and tartar that cause tooth decay and gum disease
  • Fluoride treatments to reduce tooth sensitivity and help prevent cavities
  • Nutritional counseling that can help you make dietary changes to improve your oral health
  • Dental sealants to help protect back teeth and other tough-to-reach areas from decay
  • Gum disease treatment to return your gums to good health

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Our Services Ease Discomfort & Improve Oral Health

Many uncomfortable conditions can lead to more serious dental consequences. If you’ve got dry mouth or halitosis (bad breath), Dr. John C. Workman will help determine the root causes of the problems, suggest products such as Biotene® that can alleviate the symptoms, and advise you on oral hygiene changes that will improve your dental health. For instance, brushing your tongue can make significant improvements with bad breath!

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If Dr. Workman finds evidence of teeth grinding (bruxism), he’ll likely suggest a custom nightguard for you. In addition to preventing damage to tooth enamel, nightguards can also alleviate painful headaches and other symptoms of TMJ disorder.

Patient Friendly Technology is Always Included

Using the latest dental technology keeps your care not only effective but comfortable too. Our technology includes:

  • Digital X-rays, for fast and accurate images using less radiation than traditional X-rays
  • Intraoral cameras, for a look at hard-to-reach areas of your mouth
  • Soft-tissue laser, to quickly and painlessly remove inflamed gum tissue
  • DIAGNOdent cavity detectors, to find cavities with less poking and prodding

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