Cosmetic Dentistry in Glen Ellyn Gives You a Beautiful Smile

John C. Workman, DDS Dental Artistry offers a wide variety of cosmetic dental treatments to give you the smile of your dreams. Whether you get a single service or multiple ones, the result will be a stunning smile! Like everything we do in our Glen Ellyn, IL dentist office, we offer an individualized approach to your smile transformation.

Cosmetic dentistry can:

  • Whiten and brighten your smile
  • Straighten your teeth invisibly with Invisalign clear braces
  • Conceal flaws like chips, cracks, and stains
  • Give you gorgeous, healthy gums
  • Provide an individualized smile makeover
  • Provide a more youthful appearance

You can see how your new smile will look using digital imaging, wax models, or even a “trial smile” made of sturdy acrylic that you can comfortably wear for a few days.

Because we always want your smile to meet your expectations, you can even schedule a free 20-minute consultation with Dr. Workman to get a second opinion on cosmetic treatments recommended by another dentist.

To schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation, call 630-448-8418.

Get Your Smile in Shape

Dental veneers, made of high-quality porcelain, are one of our most versatile cosmetic dental treatments. The thin, custom-made “shells” cover the entire front surface of teeth, concealing flaws like chips, small gaps, and stains, while also strengthening your smile.
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Glen Ellyn, IL cosmetic dentist Dr. Workman can also hide minor imperfections with tooth bonding by applying tooth-colored resin directly to your teeth and carefully shaping it.

In addition to dental veneers and tooth bonding, you can:

  • Whiten your smile with take-home teeth whitening treatments. We’ll use impressions of your teeth to create custom whitening trays. And Dr. Workman adds an ingredient designed to minimize sensitivity so you can whiten in comfort!
  • Remove rough edges and give your teeth an even, pleasing shape with tooth contouring.
  • Invisibly improve your smile with Invisalign, which uses clear plastic aligners instead of metal brackets and wires to straighten teeth.
  • Restore gum tissue that’s pulled away from teeth with gum recession treatment.
  • Remove excess gum tissue to expose more of your tooth’s surface with crown lengthening.
  • Reshape your gums to give your smile a pleasing balance between teeth and gums. Dr. Workman uses a laser so the treatment is quick and painless!

Preview Your Customized Smile Makeover

You can combine multiple cosmetic dental treatments for a total smile makeover! Dr. Workman will walk you through all your options and work with you to create a customized treatment plan. Thanks to his extensive training and decades of transforming smiles, he’ll ensure you get the results you want in comfort.

You can get a sneak peek at what your new smile will look like with:

  • Digital imaging
  • Wax models
  • A “trial smile” made of acrylic that you can try out before your treatment

If you’re ready to transform your smile, call John C. Workman, DDS Dental Artistry at 630-448-8418. Or use our online form to make an appointment at our Glen Ellyn, IL dentist office. We’re located minutes away from Panfish Park and Village Links of Glen Ellyn.

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