A Crown Can Keep You Smiling

Nobody’s perfect, and that includes our smiles. (You can trust us, we’ve seen a lot of them.)

Teeth get cavities.

Teeth break and crack.

Teeth fall out.

When any of these things happen, there is a service that can fix all of those problems — dental crowns. If you live in or near Glen Ellyn, IL, you can get crowns at right here at John C. Workman, DDS Dental Artistry. Call 630-448-8418 for an appointment.

An all-porcelain and zirconia crown will allow you to continue eating the foods that you love. It can keep your smile looking as good as or better than it ever has, too.


Crowns vs. Cavities

National health experts estimate that more than 92 percent of all Americans will develop a cavity.

For those who act quickly, this can often be fixed with a dental filling. The location can play a big role in how soon you see it developing, which is why a professional dental exam is recommended every six months. We can see your whole mouth, and we’ll let you know right away if we notice anything suspicious.

If you don’t notice your cavity or you ignore it, then it may become too large to fix with a filling. If this happens, we’ll recommend a dental crown instead.

In the process of removing the decay from your tooth, we’ll create an abutment to support your crown. You may need to wear a temporary crown for a short time, but once your permanent crown is ready, we’ll bond it in place so your tooth will as good as new.


Crowns vs. Cracked Teeth

Accidents and injuries cause a lot of damage to lots of teeth every year. Sports injuries, hard candies, and falls are just a few of the many ways teeth can become cracked or broken.

If cracks are ignored, they can spread and may cause a tooth to split or become too weak to bite or chew. If a break is allowed to remain unrepaired, it could create an opportunity to cause an infection.

We can fix this in much the same way we would fix a cavity. We reshape the tooth to remove the parts that were damaged. The healthy part of the tooth provides the support for your crown.

And when all is done, you have a tooth that looks and feels like the real thing once again.


Crowns vs. Missing Teeth

Losing a tooth is also more common than most people realize. This can be the result of an injury, gum disease, or untreated decay.

Whatever the reason, a dental crown can help you replace what’s missing.

Since you won’t have a tooth to support the crown, the first step would be to place a dental implant in your jaw. This replaces the root of your lost tooth, and it provides a foundation to support your crown.

When the crown is attached, you have a tooth that functions as well as your remaining natural teeth.


Keep Smiling!

If something does happen to one of your teeth, don’t fret! Dr. Workman and our team in Glen Ellyn, IL, will be ready to restore your smile with one of our dental crowns.

You can make an appointment by calling 630-448-8418 or by contacting us online.

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