3 Reasons You Should Have a Complete Set of Teeth [blog]

With all the advances in modern dentistry, Dr. John Workman and his team of experts in Glen Ellyn, IL have many tools in their arsenal to give you a complete set of teeth and all the benefits that go along with them.

If you are missing teeth – whether all of them or just one – call us today at 630-448-8418 to schedule your appointment. We’ll discuss the options available to you, including a full-mouth reconstruction, and help you decide on a customized treatment plan that works for your needs.

There are many great reasons we could give you for why having a complete mouth of pearly white teeth will make your life better. We’re going to focus on just three of those right now.

Let Your Smile Shine

One of the best and most visible advantages of having a set of brilliant white teeth is the ability to flash a beautiful smile whenever you want.

If you’re used to hiding your smile behind your hand or shyly smiling so others don’t really see your mouth, then you understand the embarrassment that missing and damaged teeth can create.

Have you thought about how great it would feel to look in the mirror, give your best smile, and see two beautiful arches of teeth? You’ll be prepared to face the world on your terms for a change.

Your new look will give you the confidence to start conversations and make new friends. Maybe you’ll even find that special someone. You’ll be free to be yourself. Instead of worrying about others seeing your teeth, you’ll want them to see them!

If you have special events coming up, you could arrive in style with a full set of beautiful white teeth. Annual family picnics, high school reunions, and weddings could all hold a new level of excitement for you as you anticipate others seeing your new smile.

With a full set of teeth, you could even experience renewed drive to get ahead in your career. Facing customers, coworkers, and superiors will be much easier knowing that your gorgeous smile is helping you present the best side of yourself.

Eat the Foods You Love

Without strong teeth, it is very difficult if not impossible to enjoy a balanced diet of delicious foods. Missing or damaged teeth usually mean that we’re limited to a diet of softer, often bland, food.

There are lots of tasty foods out there to try, and Dr. Workman thinks you should be able to enjoy any of them that you want. With great restoration options like crowns, bridges, and dentures – any of which can be anchored to sturdy dental implants – a whole new world of food can be opened up to you.

With a new set of teeth, you could walk into a restaurant and order a thick, juicy steak – instead of trying to find a less-than-appetizing dish you think wouldn’t give you too much difficulty chewing.

Or how about grabbing a crunchy, Honeycrisp apple and sinking your teeth into it – without pain and without worrying about how to chew it.

All that is possible when you have a full mouth of sturdy, functional teeth. Talk to us about how to restore your teeth so you can begin enjoying mealtimes again.

Protect Your Overall Health

You may not realize it, but having a complete set of teeth can play a major role in your health, both oral health and total body health.

Our jawbone relies on tooth roots to stimulate it, enabling it to produce new bone material and remain healthy. When we lose teeth and their roots, the bone can slowly deteriorate.

Over time, your facial structure may actually change, giving you a “shrunken face” look and making you look older than you are.

Dental implants, one of our core restoration tools, act like replacement tooth roots. Dr. Workman can place them into your jaw to provide a base for crowns, bridges, and dentures.

Not only do implants work to make these restorations more stable, the implants will actually make your jawbone healthier by stimulating it just like natural teeth do!

While traditional bridges and dentures make fantastic replacement options for missing teeth, they will not help protect your jawbone like implant-secured bridges and dentures will.

A full set of teeth – whether we use dental implants for them or not – also means more complete chewing. Your digestion will be better and you may experience few stomach problems as a result.

Plus, you’ll be able to eat and enjoy a much wider variety of healthy, nutritious foods again. Crisp fruits and vegetables will be easy to bite and chew and you won’t have to rely on solely soft food.

A better diet will help prevent illness and disease and could help you feel better all around.

We could go on and on about the benefits of a complete set of teeth. To get your new choppers, call our Glen Ellyn, IL dentist office today at 630-448-8418 or fill out our online form for a consultation.

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