Let Us Find Solutions For Your Sleep Apnea [VIDEO]

Losing sleep every now and then isn’t that big a deal. Losing sleep night after night after night, however, is a very big deal. That’s because sleep deprivation can have profound consequences to your health, quality of life, and even your relationships. Listen to Dr. Workman, our Glen Ellyn, IL dentist, talk more about the dangers of ...

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Are You Showing Signs Of TMJ Disorder? [QUIZ]

Are painful headaches becoming more and more frequent lately? Do you notice soreness and muscle tension in your jaw? You could be suffering from TMJ disorder, which can do far more damage to your smile than you realize! Answer a few questions on today’s quiz to see if you’re showing the signs of TMJ disorder. Then visit our Glen ...

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Gentlemen Prefer Dental Veneers! [PHOTO]

Cosmetic dentistry isn’t just for women. It’s for everyone! That’s because we all want and deserve a smile that looks healthy and attractive. At John C. Workman, DDS, we can make you look sophisticated and distinguished with our natural-looking dental veneers. Just like we did for this gentleman in today’s before and after ...

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When Do You Need to See a Dentist? [blog]

When do you need to see a dentist? The answer may not always be straightforward. With a Glen Ellyn, IL dentist who offers comprehensive dentistry, there are so many more reasons to visit the dentist than just checkups and emergencies. Take a look below at just a few of the reasons patients have come from all over the area to visit John C. ...

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Sedation Eliminates Your Dental Fear [video]

At John C. Workman, DDS Dental Artistry, we want you to enjoy the best dental experience possible. We offer two great forms of sedation to help set you at ease so you can forget all dentistry – your dental fear will be a thing of the past. Our sedation options are: Oral Conscious Sedation – Dr. Workman will prescribe a safe, ...

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Get a Beautiful, Straight Smile With Invisalign [quiz]

You can say goodbye to crooked teeth and hello to a gorgeous new straight smile with Invisalign. Invisalign orthodontic treatment at John C. Workman, DDS Dental Artistry will: Straighten your teeth without any metal, brackets, or wires. Use clear plastic teeth aligners that are almost invisible. Give you more confidence to smile ...

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See What a Difference a Dental Bridge Can Make [photo]

If you are missing one tooth or even several in a row, a dental bridge could be your best bet for getting your smile back. Bridges at John C. Workman, DDS Dental Artistry: Can be attached to either your existing teeth or to dental implants for extra security Should last for years, if not decades, with proper care Are made with the ...

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3 Reasons You Should Have a Complete Set of Teeth [blog]

With all the advances in modern dentistry, Dr. John Workman and his team of experts in Glen Ellyn, IL have many tools in their arsenal to give you a complete set of teeth and all the benefits that go along with them. If you are missing teeth – whether all of them or just one – call us today at 630-448-8418 to schedule your appointment. ...

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Dental Technology Makes Your Experience Better [video]

You may not think much about dental technology, but Dr. Workman sure does. If something can help our Glen Ellyn, IL patients enjoy a better dental experience, he is all for it. If it can’t, then he has no use for it. He wants to make sure that our standard for quality care is never compromised by a piece of equipment that is supposed to be ...

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Should I Get Dental Implants? [QUIZ]

To replace missing teeth, you want to choose a method that not only lasts, but allows you to enjoy a healthier, more fulfilling life. That’s why so many patients choose dental implants at John C. Workman, DDS Dental Artistry! Take today’s quiz to see if implants might be the best tooth replacement solution for you! We can guide you ...

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