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A Glen Ellyn, IL Dentist Who Gets to Know You

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John C. Workman, DDS was born in Boise, ID and raised in Salt Lake City, UT. The oldest of eight children, he played basketball in high school and college, earned the rank of Eagle Scout, and also served as a missionary for two years in New Zealand. He was inspired to become a dentist because of positive experiences with his family dentist. After graduating from Brigham Young University in 1977 with a degree in comparative anatomy, he moved to Chicago to attend Loyola University of Chicago Dental School.

He met his wife, Kandy, in Chicago. The two of them raised five children while he was attending dental school, an impressive parenting feat. He also worked throughout his time in dental school. After graduating and briefly practicing dentistry in Hinsdale, IL, Dr. Workman moved to Glen Ellyn, where he’s remained in practice since 1985.

Dr. Workman prides himself on spending time with his patients and getting to know them so he can understand what they would like dentistry to do for them. His practice philosophy is to provide all the facts and give patients the opportunity to choose the level of care they want.

Dental Implants Are a Game Changer for Dr. Workman’s Patients

Dr. Workman has a passion for education, which is evident by the advanced training he’s received, especially in dental implants and dental occlusion (the relationship between upper and lower teeth). After completing the entire curriculum at the respected Pankey Institute, Dr. Workman taught there as a visiting faculty member. He has also studied and taught at the Dawson Academy. And he studied under the tutelage of Dr. Henry Tanner, a pioneer of using dental appliances for TMJ treatment.

Dr. Workman has had extensive training in dental implants, including learning to place several different types of implants. He was one of the first general dentists in the Chicago area to place dental implants using a CT scan to fabricate guides for the safest and most accurate placement.

He loves seeing the impact and joy that comes from giving a patient a beautiful smile. In particular, he describes dental implants as a real game changer for patients. He finds it exciting when a patient comes in with an old denture or unhealthy teeth and leaves the same day with a beautiful smile and replacement teeth that function like natural teeth.

Dr. Workman and Kandy live in Wheaton, IL. They like to travel out West whenever they can to visit their five children and 14 grandchildren. Dr. Workman’s other favorite activities include taking care of his yard, fishing, hiking, riding bicycles, traveling, spending time with his wife and friends, and reading. He also enjoys experiencing foods from different cultures.

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