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Trial Smile

Patients undergoing cosmetic procedures are often anxious to know the outcome of their treatment. A multitude of factors are involved in determining their new smile, for example, the color, length, shape and thickness of their teeth. It is therefore important to them that their cosmetic dentist has a thorough understanding of how they would like their new smile to look and feel.


While an experienced cosmetic dentist is trained to evaluate a patient’s condition and listen carefully to their concerns and desires, the Trial Smile helps to make this whole process much easier and enhances patient satisfaction by eliminating guesswork. Through this fast and comfortable dental procedure, the patient is able to literally try on their new smile before the actual treatment and determine if they are satisfied with the way their teeth look, feel and function.

So what exactly is the Trial Smile? It is a unique concept we have adopted, which gives patients as much control as possible over their new smiles. Patients seeking to undergo cosmetic dental procedures are first provided with the opportunity to preview their smile design on stone models, a more realistic option than looking at digital computer designs. Based on this design, a Trial Smile is constructed out of temporary dental composite materials. Patients can then wear their Trial Smile for a few days or weeks so that they are able to fully assess whether their new smile looks, feels and functions exactly the way they want it to before starting their treatment process.


The greatest advantage about the Trial Smile is that it not only allows patients to “test drive” their new smiles; it also gives them the chance to make changes before the final veneers or porcelain crowns are created and cemented permanently on their teeth.

Here at Workman Dental Artistry, we constantly make use of the latest technology in dentistry to ensure the highest level of patient satisfaction.