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Soft Tissue Dental Laser Treatment

A good way to deliver precise, intricate treatment without the possiblilty of damaging good tissue is with the use of a soft tissue laser. Treatments done using the soft tissue laser are in general painless and do not call for the utilization of incisions or stitches An added benefit from the laser is it drastically reduces infection since as it gets rid of tissue it is additionally disinfecting the region simultaneously. Most significantly, in case you were to compare soft tissue laser treatment with traditional treatment carried out with a scalpel, you should realize that recovery time is drastically reduced using the laser.

Dental lasers can be a great method to address gum disease or perhaps a gummy smile. Yet again with the exact control, the dentist can treat the unhealthy gum tissue without the trauma to good gum tissue. If gum surgery to eliminate, excess” tissue that overlaps onto the tooth surface is performed with a laser you will find little bleeding and swelling, and no need for stitches. The process is relatively painless and the recovery much faster.

Hard Tissue Dental Laser
The hard tissue laser uses a combination of laser power and water to carry out numerous dental procedures once accomplished with a dentist’s drill. The hard tissue laser gives us exceptional control and exactness in treatments permitting the doctor to conserve healthy tooth structure.

It does not generate the vibration and high-pitched noise of a standard drill so procedures are much easier for patients. The fact is quite a few people find they no longer need anesthesia for many procedures.